SAP Password Requirements

Last Updated: November 27, 2006

SAP Password Rule Description

New passwords must be 8 letters (and/or numbers and/or most special characters) in length.

Cannot use a password that has been used before...... it remembers back 5 passwords. 

After changing your password, you have to wait one day in order to change it again.
When changing your password, the new one must differ by at least one character.
SAP passwords are not case sensitive.
Passwords expire after 60 days.
Passwords expire after 60 days.
6 incorrect passwords and the account is locked, and SAP Helpdesk has to be contacted to unlock account.
Passwords can't have the symbols "?" or "!" as the first character.
The first 3 characters cannot occur in the same order in the Userid.
First 3 chararacters cannot be identical.
First 3 characters cannot contain a space.

Invalid Passwords:  Table USR40

  • 12345678

  • qwertyui

  • asdfghjk

  • zxcvbnm

  • february

  • november

  • december

  • pass

  • sap*

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